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Our study was looks at the difference between 2 systems used to document cardiac arrests in a hospital setting. One is a new machine that is called CodeNet. This documentation device was compared to the documentation system at Saint Francis Hospital in downtown Greenville, SC. When the details of a cardiac arrest are recorded (e.g., time it began, how many shocks were given, and what interval the shocks were given), this information can be used to look for patterns that predict survival. This can hopefully be used to create new protocols that will increase the patient's chance of survival. This is being accomplished through chart review (cardiac arrest sheet) of cardiopulmonary arrest for 12 months and data collected with the CodeNet from cardiac arrests that occur in theIntensive Care UnitandCritical Care Unit. More data is being collected, but the preliminary results seem to indicate that CodeNet isa much moreefficient way to document the details of a cardiac arrest.