Redesign of Schneider electric rack layout into a centralized warehouse layout

L. Pack
T. Bobola
B. Bagwell
R. Porter
C. Sladek
R. Koikkara


The primary objective of this project is to move all parts kept on Kanban for Schneider Electric's Motor Control Center product line to a centralized warehouse within the plant. Currently these materials are spread throughout the facility. At this stage of the project it has become apparent that this lack of centralization creates several non-value added system losses. The process of identifying system losses, performing Pareto analysis, and conducting root-cause analysis has shown three main contributions to system losses. These three losses are walking between storage department stations, traffic interference during navigation throughout the warehouse, and the Waterspider attendant maneuvering to his replenishment stations. These system losses will be the main focus as the project progresses. The next step in the project is to generate concepts and test them against each other in order to identify the optimal concept.