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Spring 2015


This Creative Inquiry research focuses on new and upcoming cell culturing and tissue engineering methods. Three projects are underway in this CI, each investigating a problem faced with tissue engineering. The first of these projects focuses on growing 3D cancer cell spheroids for use in drug screening. Current, 2D methods for cell culturing limit intracellular interactions and cells do not mimic the cells found in the human body. Two human breast cancer cell lines are being cultured in 3D spheroids to imitate in vivo tumors. The spheroids are chemically and mechanically analyzed to determine likeness to realistic tumors and are then examined to see how tumors may react to cancer drugs. Another one of our projects focuses on 3D growth of chondrocyte cells in hopes to grow cartilage similar to that found in articular cartilage and give insight into the use of autologous cartilage as a therapy tool. Our final project aims to develop a new and more efficient method of cell culture. This approach grows cells on solar panels which will remove steps from the culture process that are very time consuming and lead to opportunities for contaminating the cells.


Poster Presentation at Clemson University 10th Annual Focus on Creative Inquiry Forum. Clemson, SC.