Engineering Microorganisms for Renewable Chemical Production

Hayden Campbell, Clemson University
Jeremy Fowler, Clemson University
Lauren Gambill, Clemson University
Parker Hume, Clemson University
Sarah Knowles, Clemson University
Difeng Gao, Clemson University
Gabriel Rodriguez, Clemson University
Murtaza Shabbir Hussain, Clemson University
Mark Blenner, Clemson University

Poster presentation at Clemson University 10th Annual Focus on Creative Inquiry Forum, Clemson, SC.


Yarrowia lipolytica is an oleaginous yeast capable of producing lipids for biofuels and other valuable molecules. Its growth on waste products, such as rendered fats, and on renewable resources such as lignocellulose are of great interest. To that end, we have characterized numerous favorable attributes of Y. lipolytica, including its metabolism of xylose, its tolerance of ionic liquids used in biomass pretreatment, its tolerance of aromatic compounds associated with the breakdown of lignin, and its growth on solid animal fats from the rendering industry.