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The Education Forum


Taylor & Francis


Practicum experiences are an integral part of teacher education programs. The current study drew on perceptions of various stakeholders (preservice teachers, cooperating teachers, and university professors) to examine two practicum models of an early childhood teacher education program. The study focused on the structure of a senior-level practicum and highlighted the strengths and weaknesses of two specific models. Findings showed that both cohorts of preservice teachers experienced stress and confidence boosts during the practicum, but each cohort underwent different learning experiences due to variances in the practicum structures. Cooperating teachers and university professors preferred the new model which allowed preservice teachers to first observe the practice of experienced teachers, then learn about the theory in a classroom context, followed by practicing their own teaching in an authentic environment, and, finally, engaging in reflection and professional dialogue. Our findings may provide helpful insights for those who take part in designing practicum experiences for preservice teachers.



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