Early Modern Culture

Founded in 2000 by David Siar and Crystal Bartolovich, Early Modern Culture strives to create something like the active and on-going inquiry of a good seminar. Hence, the journal publishes works-in-progress by major scholars in early modern studies, along with a set of responses from readers.

Tigerprints hosts volumes ten through fourteen. Issues one through nine are located at Earlymodernculture.org.

As of 2019, Early Modern Culture is no longer accepting submissions.

Current Volume: Volume 14 (2019) First-Generation Shakespeare

Standard Essay

Seminar Essays


Introduction: First-Generation Shakespeare
Rebecca Olson and Stephanie Pietros

Book Reviews

Theater Reviews


The Making of a Tyrant: Seattle Shakespeare Company and upstart crow collective’s Richard III
Ivy Jong, Emily Boynton, Caroline Craighead, Mina Gibbs, Mary Lawrence, Sydney Haas, and Emily Brown


Will Stockton
"First-Generation Shakespeare" Seminar
Rebecca Olson and Stephanie Pietros
Book and Theater Reviews
Niamh O'Leary