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2016 IEEE 9th International Conference on Cloud Computing (CLOUD)




More and more organizations move their data and workload to commercial cloud storage systems. However, the multiplexing and sharing of the resources in a cloud storage system present unpredictable data access latency to tenants, which may make online data-intensive applications unable to satisfy their deadline requirements. Thus, it is important for cloud storage systems to provide deadline guaranteed services. In this paper, to meet a current form of service level objective (SLO) that constrains the percentage of each tenant's data access requests failing to meet its required deadline below a given threshold, we build a mathematical model to derive the upper bound of acceptable request arrival rate on each server. We then propose a Deadline Guaranteed storage service (called DGCloud) that incorporates three algorithms. Its deadline-aware load balancing scheme redirects requests and creates replicas to release the excess load of each server beyond the derived upper bound. Its workload consolidation algorithm tries to maximally reduce servers while still satisfying the SLO to maximize the resource utilization. Its data placement optimization algorithm re-schedules the data placement to minimize the transmission cost of data replication. Our trace-driven experiments in simulation and Amazon EC2 show the higher performance of DGCloud compared with previous methods in terms of deadline guarantees and system resource utilization, and the effectiveness of its individual algorithms.


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