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Despite federal legislation (e.g., Title IX), gender equity has yet to be achieved, specifically within sport spaces. Although nearly half (47%) of NCAA (2022) Division I athletes are women, men are viewed as superior athletes and often given more opportunities and resources than their female counterparts (Coakley, 2016). Therefore, we investigated NCAA Division I college athletes’ perceptions of gender equity. Using convenience sampling, 4 female and 4 male college athletes participated in semi-structured interviews. The data from the interviews divulged 3 themes: (not) discriminating, opportunity and fairness, and lack of exposure. In their own words, the participants revealed that despite efforts to enhance opportunities for women through collegiate sport participation, women are still at a disadvantage in collegiate sports. Specifically, women were seen being disadvantaged in the areas of media coverage, amenities, and equipment. All of the participants also described that football received exorbitant resources in comparison to all other sports. In fact, all non-football athletes felt inferior to football, with some participants even using football to justify inequitable conditions. The results of this study can assist athletic departments in better serving all athletes through equitable means, ensuring this population feels valued.



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