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Patent Number 4052516


Process for increasing the shelf life of precooked dehydrated protein and oil containing ingredients for foods by heating an emulsion-suspension of said peanuts to high temperatures and dehydrating the cooked emulsion-suspension, also adjusting the texture of said dehydrated material by processing treatments prior to cooking and dehydration, and the oil-protein ratio by removing part or all of the oil from the peanuts by mechanical means or by extraction, respectively, or by mixing ground peanuts in predetermined amounts with materials poor in fat and rich in proteins. The invention also relates to the precooked dehydrated ingredients so made and the food products containing the same. This is a continuation-in-part of application Ser. No. 187,837, filed Oct. 8, 1971 now U.S. Pat. No. 3,800,056 which is a CIP of Ser. No. 839,673, filed 7/7/69 now Pat. No. 3,689,287.

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