Biological lubricant composition and method of applying lubricant composition

Juile-anne Mason Burdick
Martine Laberge
Gary Lickfield

Document Type Patent


Fluid compositions and methods for lubrication of mammalian joints are disclosed, including both natural and artificial fluids. Synovial fluid acts to lubricate the bearing surfaces of bones and bone-like structures which are held in frictional contact within biological joints. Such fluids may be used to treat arthritic, injured, and diseased joints. Synovial fluid containing a dextran-based hydrogel with lipids provides enhanced rheological and tribological properties of such a fluid. Phospholipids are particularly useful in dextran-based compositions for synovial fluid. One phospholipid that can be used advantageously in synovial fluid is dipalmitoyl phosphatidylcholine (DPPC).