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patent number 4629005


A harvester for bulb, root and leafy vegetable products including stationary blades (31, 32), rotatable discs (131, 132) or the like which are transported at an angle through opposite sides of a product plant bed to loosen the soil, cut the root system, and prepare the products for removal from the plant bed; a pair of opposing, rotatable belts (51, 51') which follow an inclined path and cooperate to define a product passageway therebetween, said belts (51, 51') defining a product lifting and transport section (41) in which adjustable, pressure pulleys (48, 48') ensure proper gripping pressure on the products, and a product orienting section (42) in which the products are transformed from a vertical to a horizontal disposition; support means (70) adjacent said product orienting section (42) for receiving tops of products oriented to a horizontal disposition; and conveyor means (75) adjacent an end of said product passageway for receiving freed, horizontally disposed product. A soil removal means (80) may also be employed beneath and axial to the product passageway along belts 51, 51' and includes an oscillatible rod (88) which vibrates the root system of the product to dislodge soil therefrom.

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