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patent number 4159745


An elongated bar soil working apparatus constructed so that a plurality of bars are supported in a parallel relationship for rotation in one or more horizontal planes and positioned closely adjacent each other whereby the corners of one bar will cooperate with the corners of an adjacent bar to effect a severing action on vines or other foliage moving therebetween whereby the bars are self-cleaning. Power drives are operatively associated with the bars for syncronous rotation of the bars whereby the corners of the bars will be simultaneously advanced through a common plane in closely positioned relationship to effect the severing action on the vines and other foliage located therebetween and prevent vine and foliage build up on the bars. The present apparatus includes a frame which will allow the apparatus to be removably supported by conventional tractor operable tool bar whereby the bars can be advanced through the soil to perform plant uprooting or other soil working operations.

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Clemson University (Clemson, SC)

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171/138, 172/48