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patent number 4038808


A tobacco harvester is disclosed that utilizes an endless defoliator belt having defoliating apertures therein. Tobacco stalks pass into the apertures and during a downwardly moving segment of the defoliator belt leaves are stripped therefrom. A front downwardly inclined portion of the defoliator means includes a first angular section and a second angular section where the angle of the second section with respect to horizontal is greater than that of the first. Using this arrangement the plant is better prepared for defoliation in the first section while normal defoliation takes place in the second section. Further improvements to the tobacco harvester are included such as horizontal and vertical sensors for proper positioning of the defoliating means. Attendant indicator means alert an operator of the need for any necessary adjustment to the defoliator means. Additionally, a stalk collector bin may be provided within the defoliator means and improvements may be made to the defoliator means by way of structure so as to improve the aperture definition around same.

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