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Precise machining of bearing rings is integral to finished bearing assembly quality. The output accuracy of center-based machining systems such as lathes and magnetic chuck grinders relates directly to the accuracy of part centering before machining. Traditional tooling for centering on such machines is subject to wear, dimensional inaccuracy, setup time (hard tooling) and human error (manual centering). A flexible system for initial part centering is proposed based on a single measurement system and actuator. In this system, the part is placed by hand onto the machine table, automatically rotated and measured to identify center of geometry offset from center of rotation, then moved by a series of controlled manipulations to align the centers. Such a system eliminates the need for part-specific tooling or the inconsistency of manual centering by a skilled operator, reduces the lifetime cost, and creates agility for varied part acceptance with minimal setup effort. Results in both time and accuracy are currently equivalent to the manual process.


ICAM 2005 : proceedings of the International Conference on Agility, Otaniemi, Finland, 27-28 July 2005