Use of Fused Deposition Modeling of Polyphenylsulfone for Centrifugal Casting of Polyurethane: Material, Surface, and Process Considerations

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Journal of Manufacturing Science and Engineering




For the development of a rotational symmetrical polyurethane part with a steel reinforcement, a requirement/constraint driven approach to process design has been taken. In this approach a scale model of the casting mold was built using fused deposition modeling rapid prototyping technique, then used to validate design, material and process parameters. After selection and testing on the scaled prototype, results were used to define a full-sized spin casting mold built using polyphenylsulfone material. This material was selected based on the process temperature and stress requirements. However, surface roughness in the as-built condition is unacceptable for demolding; this paper describes secondary processing to mitigate this effect. The result is a feasible process for manufacturing of centrifugal casting molds for polyurethane.