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International Journal of Computer Applications in Technology




Precise machining of bearing rings is integral to finished bearing assembly quality. The output accuracy of centre-based machining systems relates directly to the precision of part centring before machining. Traditional tooling is subject to wear, dimensional inaccuracy and human error. A flexible tooling system for initial part centring is proposed based on a single measurement system and actuator. In this system, the part is rotated and measured to identify centre of geometry offset from centre of rotation, then moved by a series of pushes to align the centres. The actuation algorithm is self-modifying based on residual error. This tooling control architecture is based on a real-time version of LabVIEW and employs only a single fixed pusher tip. This enables the system to be readily adaptable to a range of part sizes with only internal variable changes. Such a flexible tooling system can be readily integrated into existing manufacturing equipment.