Condition based maintenance-systems integration and intelligence using Bayesian classification and sensor fusion

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Journal of Intelligent Manufacturing




System integration in condition based maintenance (CBM) is one of the biggest challenges that need to be overcome for widespread deployment of the CBM methodology. CBM system architectures investigated in this work include an independent monitoring and control unit with no communication with machine control (Architecture 1) and a data acquisition and control unit integrated with the machine control (Architecture 2). Based on these architectures, three different CBM system applications are discussed and deployed. A verification of the third system was done by performing a destructive bearing test, causing a spindle to seize due to lubrication starvation. This test validated the CBM system developed, as well as provided insights into using sensor fusion for a better detection of bearing failure. The second part of the work discusses intelligence in a CBM system using a Bayesian probabilistic decision framework and data generated while running validation tests, it is demonstrated how the Naïve Bayes classifier can aid in the decision making of stopping the machine before catastrophic failure occurs. Discussing value in combining information supplied by more than one sensor (sensor fusion), it is demonstrated how a catastrophic failure can be prevented. The work is concluded with open issues on the topic with ongoing work and future opportunities.