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Sustainable Automotive Technologies




This paper presents a new method for generating motion commands in a 2 degree-of-freedom (DOF) vision-based position control system. The control system uses a fixed digital camera to direct-observe the multi-dimensional position of a known target displayed on an Liquid Cristal Display (LCD) and determines the position of the tool based on this information. This system, implemented on an XY-stage, was first introduced in Wong [1], and further investigated in Montes & Ziegert [2] and Montes et al. [3]. Previous results demonstrated sensor resolutions on the order of 3 µm; however the resolution of motion commands was constrained to values on the order of hundreds of microns due to the physical characteristics of the LCD picture elements (or pixels). The new method presented here overcomes this constraint and allows generation of motion commands as small as 3 µm. Simulation results are provided.