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Procedia Manufacturing




Nickel-based superalloys play a crucial role in elevated temperature applications where high strength and high resistance to corrosion and creep resistance are required. These environments are largely found in the aerospace, nuclear power and gas turbine industries. Due to the properties that make them suitable for their end use they remain a challenge to manufacture. In the machining of nickel-based superalloys high cutting forces and tool wear occur greatly reducing their machinability. Although there have been multiple recent studies on the machining of such alloys, the field remains vastly unexplored. A limited amount of research has been done in tool path methods, as most previous research focuses on finding optimal machining parameters to curtail the difficulties in machining while keeping the tool path constant. An alternative tool path, trochoidal milling, has been identified to combat the difficulties in machining superalloys and combines linear motion with uniform circular motion, reducing chip load in exchange for increased machining time. Although this method has been shown to reduce flank wear on tools it suffers from notch wear at the depth of cut line.