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International Journal of Pioneering Technology and Engineering





The strain compensation method for measuring in-plane forming limit curves (FLCs) using 2D digital image correlation developed previously [A method of measuring in-plane forming limit curves using 2D Digital Image Correlation, SAE Int. J. Mater. Manf., 2023] was modified and extended to more versatile and popular out-of-plane FLCs. The current study introduces a straightforward strain compensation technique for measuring Nakazima testing based out-of-plane FLCs utilizing an affordable single-camera (2D) DIC system. In this study, forming tests are performed on two automotive-grade sheet metal alloys: DP980 steel and a 6xxx series aluminum alloy using the Nakazima test method. The experiments are conducted on a customized setup that allows for simultaneous optical strain measurements using both a stereo DIC and a 2D DIC system. The FLCs are obtained by applying a temporal FLC computation approach to the two measurement sets. The results show that 2D DIC FLC points match those obtained by stereo DIC for both the materials after applying the proposed strain correction method.