Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

Legacy Department

Visual Studies

First Advisor

James F. Baker

Second Advisor

John F. Acorn

Third Advisor

Sydney Cross


It is the act of self-reflection that nurtures this body of artwork . Through the skill of observation and examination I am able to establish passageways of exploration that awaken thoughts and feelings we hold with in us . Yet these drawings are not scientific illustrations, brought to perfection by graphite, but are my visual interpretation of the struggle for survival between man and nature. Within these somber surroundings I am able to compose intimate relationships between the embryonic figure and other plant life forms. Here the elements of form are of a high premium. It is with the circular format that I arouse visual curiosity and with tne graphite medium that I invite contemplation. While depth of field and the illusion of space are other formal considerations in my work, it is through the use of pattern and texture that I invite the viewer to ponder the intricacy of nature and the vulnerability of the embryonic form. Together the drawings form a body of work expressive of my exploration and subsequent interpretation of memories and self-reflections.