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Master of Science (MS)

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Electrical Engineering


Martin, Anthony Q

Committee Member

Butler , Chalmers M.

Committee Member

Xu , Xiao-bang

Committee Member

Tesche , Fredrick M.


The natural modes defined in the singularity expansion method (SEM) are used as basis functions for the frequency- and time-domain current responses of arbitrary perfect electrically conducting (PEC) surfaces in this work. First, a method of determining the natural frequencies and corresponding modes which employs the electric field integral equation is presented. These quantities are then calculated for several geometries and the currents induced due to an incident plane wave in the frequency and time domains are approximated by a weighted sum of the natural modes. Additionally, the modal weights prescribed by SEM are compared to a set of weights obtained through a least-squares (LS) fit. Lastly, the ability of natural modes to represent the currents due to a delta-gap antenna feed is considered.