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Master of Science (MS)

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Civil Engineering

Committee Chair/Advisor

Sanders, Steve R

Committee Member

Ferrell , William G

Committee Member

Klotz , Leidy E


This document will explore the development and implementation of a spreadsheet tool that will provide for effective planning, procurement, and management of 'small tools' on a construction site - small tools are relatively inexpensive items that are usually handheld. The following five chapters cover the development of the spreadsheet. Both methodology and the calculation process are explored in detail and all facets of the spreadsheet are explained. A key component of the development process is that end users were involved in the entire development process to ensure the spreadsheet met their needs. In general, users input several criteria regarding work for different disciplines. From these inputs the spreadsheet creates appropriate tool distributions over the duration of the project. Users are able to select an appropriate distribution from a list as well as customize the spreadsheet to better fit their practices. This document concludes with suggestions for revision and future development of this spreadsheet tool.



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