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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

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Visual Arts

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Detrich, David

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Hung , Christina

Committee Member

Jensen , Heidi


In this body of work I create temporary public-interstices that provide enjoyment, respite and reflection within the everyday experience. These projects are living-breathing events where I act as the facilitator of pleasure or comfort to encourage the viewer to consider valuable moments in the present. These are alive with real-time tactility; something that can be eaten, witnessed, physically felt or shared.
Within this series, I challenge the ordinary by splicing in comfort, gratification and excitement at random to provide a temporary moment outside of the norm. These moments oppose the rampant drive for commodity; fueled by under-compensated over-working by offering valuable experiences at no cost. Through these temporary constructed events I aim to cultivate conversations and experiences that reinforce the present through a memorable occurrence.
I synthesize my art with life and the people that comprise it. My practice is centered on action so that the work can make a literal connection with the audience. Through this connection I aim to foster contemplation as I ask the participants to temporarily slow down, be comfortable, consider the surroundings, and enjoy the fleeting nature of life. My influences are sourced from life and my creations are placed right back into it.

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Fine Arts Commons



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