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Master of Engineering (ME)

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Industrial Engineering

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Gramopadhye, Anand K.

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Cho , Byung Rae

Committee Member

Duchowski , Andrew


The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has acknowledged training as an important tactic to improve the trustworthiness of inspection. This study was conducted to test the transfer of the skills learned with a simulator into the real world. For this purpose, data from seventeen students in the AMT program of Greenville Technical College was analyzed. Objective data was taken to assess the group's performance on the simulator after each session of training. The comparison between two groups was made using objective data, collected while the subjects went through a test on a real engine and using the real borescope, and subjective ratings they gave their respective training system after a minimalist contact with their tool, and at the end of the study.
Results showed that performance was not statistically different between the two groups; however, the subjective ratings show that improvements could be made to the simulator as its users do not feel confident of the transferability of the skills learned while using it.
This study can be used as a stepping stone in the determination of the most efficient total duration of training as it provides an upper bound.



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