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Master of Science (MS)

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Computer Science


Goasguen, Sebastien

Committee Member

Martin , James

Committee Member

Srimani , Pradip


The Scientific community is constantly growing in size. The increase in personnel number and projects have resulted in the requirement of large amounts of storage, CPU power and other computing resources. It has also become necessary to acquire these resources in an affordable
manner that is sensitive to work loads. In this thesis, the author presents a novel approach that provides the communication platform that will support such large scale scientific projects. These resources could be difficult to acquire due to NATs, firewalls and other site-based restrictions and policies. Methods used to overcome these hurdles have been discussed in detail along with other advantages of using such a system, which include: increased availability of necessary computing infrastructure; increased grid resource utilization; reduced user dependability; reduced job execution time. Experiments conducted included local infrastructure on the Clemson University Campus as
well as resources provided by other federated grid sites.