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Master of Science (MS)

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Forest Resources


Straka, Thomas J

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Cushing , Tamara

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Hill , Hoke


Urban foresters need a consistent method for valuing single trees with specific non-timber values. There are several accepted methods to accomplish this; comparison of results across the methods ensures consistency. Discounted cash flow analysis (DCF) is one of these methods, but many appraisers or others valuing urban tree are reluctant to use it because it requires complex calculations and assumptions. However, DCF has the advantage of accounting for the time value of money and certain intangible benefits presented by urban trees. Current models are adapted to specific locations and species; a general method for urban tree valuation has not been outlined. The purpose of this research is to determine the scope and nature of urban tree benefits, propose models for these benefits as a series of cash flows, unite these models into a common method that allows for the computation of urban tree benefits as a net present value, and create a guide for using various appropriate systems, particularly FORVAL, to make investment decisions based on this model. This will provide urban foresters (as well as anyone involved with the financial aspects of urban trees) with an accurate and applicable tool for making investment decisions.

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