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Master of Arts (MA)

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Professional Communication


Dr. Sean Williams

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Dr. Jan Holmevik

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Dr. Tharon Howard


The concept of branding can be applied to an endless list of topics including products, organizations, and individuals. Just as a product line can have a brand identity, so can a university, business or non-profit. This thesis details a study on universities, businesses and non-profits and how they use social media as a branding tool. In this thesis, I provide a brief literature review, describe my methodologies, describe in detail the research of each of the three cases and finally, draw conclusions and suggest future research. This thesis ends with a list of references and additional readings that provide insight into my prior and current relevant research. My goal is to communicate that social media should be viewed as a valuable branding tool, not just frivolous communication. I hope to show the power social media can wield when used appropriately.

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