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Master of Science (MS)

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Committee Chair/Advisor

Smith, Rhett C

Committee Member

Bhattacharyya , Gautam

Committee Member

McNeill , Jason


This report details the synthesis of functionalized platinum-based metallopolymers featuring m-terphenyl-scaffolded and light-harvesting phosphine ligands. Substituents placed on both the phosphine and pendant alkynyl units can enhance the optical activity of the metallopolymers depending on their inherent properties. The presence of the platinum metal atom can be exploited to increase conductivity of the molecule and promises to be a unique and valuable modification for polymers to be used in light emitting diodes and photovoltaics. Light-harvesting phosphines prepared in the course of the metallopolymer development have also been used to prepare luminescent polyelectrolytes that prove valuable for well-defined composite film formation by a simple layer-by-layer deposition protocol.



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