Date of Award


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Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)

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Electrical Engineering


Schalkoff, Robert

Committee Member

Gowdy , Jhon

Committee Member

Walker , Ian


The thesis describes a Semantic approach towards web search through a stand-alone Java application. An Ontology Web Language(OWL) model is used to build a knowledge database related to different types of Organisms. The goal is to guide the Google web search engine using this OWL model. In the rst approach towards Semantic web search, an inference engine called CLIPS is used and in the second aproach, the Protege-OWL API is used. The thesis goes in detail about the design,
working and comparison of these two approaches. The thesis also deals with design approach for enhancement of the OWL model, once the Semantic web search is done through the Protege-OWL API. This is achieved using Natural Language Processing and Parsing technique. Examples and results of the search and enhancement part of the application are described in detail. Future research directions are indicated.