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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

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Digital Production Arts

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Davis, Timothy A

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Penna , Tony

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Donar , David


Society places an extreme emphasis on outward appearance and beauty that is often unattainable. The short film, Silhouette, reminds audiences of the dangers that can result from society's infatuation with physical perfection, and the film's production is the focus of this thesis. The goal of the film is to effectively communicate the impact of society on an individual's self-worth and self-image and to illustrate the consequences that result when trying to attain physical perfection. An integral part of this project is an examination of how women have been portrayed in art historically as compared to present day. To visualize the narrative direction of the film, works of art and films are observed in creating storyboards and determining the style of the film. Using computer animation as the main tool in producing the film allows for a wide range of direction and visual freedom and is the most efficient and appropriate method for achieving the artistic vision of the piece. Some problems arise, however, when the computer becomes a hindrance to the visualization of organic material and its piece-by-piece destruction. Methods involving compositing and normal map techniques are used to confront these issues and deliver a provocative computer animation exploring modern-day issues.

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