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Master of Science (MS)

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Industrial and Organizational Psychology

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Switzer, III, Fred

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Pury , Cindy

Committee Member

Kowalski , Robin


The following research examined the effects of performance appraisal condition on teamwork variables. As more reliable models of teamwork emerge, there remains a noticeable lack of information regarding team motivation and feedback in an organizational context. This paper first reviews the current findings on team motivation, feedback, and performance appraisals and then applies that topic to teamwork processes. The researcher proposed that individual, team, and dual (individual and team feedback) performance appraisals would have different effects on teamwork processes and performance. Positive effects on team orientation, mutual trust, and team performance in the team and dual performance appraisal conditions were hypothesized. Main effects for condition emerged but they were not as predicted; those in the individual condition had the highest scores on teamwork processes. There were no significant differences in team performance. Possible explanations as to why the findings were not as predicted are suggested and directions for future research are provided.

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Psychology Commons



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