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Master of Science (MS)

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Forestry and Natural Resources

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Jodice, Patrick G.R.


Although declining throughout the southeast, fox squirrel (Sciurus niger) populations are found on some golf courses in rapidly developing coastal South Carolina. This study used 2001 National Landcover Database data to investigate the relationship between fox squirrel presence on golf courses and landscape-scale habitat features. Results indicated that the best predictor of fox squirrel presence on a course was the presence of a fox squirrel population on the nearest neighbor course, regardless of distance. Course age and the total area of undeveloped features on the course were the best predictors of fox squirrel presence on golf courses without a fox squirrel population on their nearest neighbor.. This suggests that regional fox squirrel populations may be stabilized by multi-patch population dynamics. Golf course managers and other large landowners in the region are encouraged to cooperate to preserve movement corridors between habitat patches in order to allow continued fox squirrel dispersal.

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Agriculture Commons



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