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Master of Science (MS)

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Civil Engineering

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Klotz, Leidy E.

Committee Member

Bell , Lansford C.

Committee Member

Sanders , Steve R.


India is a rapidly developing nation with the associated brisk pace of construction. More sustainable building practices for construction in India would have social, environmental, and economic benefits. However, the key process attributes for successfully planning, designing, and constructing sustainable buildings in India are largely undefined. Other projects in India would benefit from a rigorous identification of these key process attributes which could help leapfrogging the sustainable building delivery in India to the best available practices.
Sustainable buildings require different delivery processes than traditional buildings; this can lead to process wastes due to unfamiliarity or incompatibility of the processes. These process wastes can lead to unnecessary costs for sustainable buildings. This research adopts process mapping to study the processes used to successfully deliver Soundarya Decorator’s factory building in Chennai, India. From these process maps, key process attributes are identified. These process attributes are compared to those identified in a previous study of the successful delivery of the Toyota South Campus facility located in Torrance, California.
The results of this study show that many of the key process attributes for the project in India are aligned with the key attributes identified previously for the Toyota project. This provides valuable replication of the first study, confirming many of the results. Key process attributes common to both projects include early commitment to sustainability, educating the project participants on sustainable technologies and project participants with sustainable expertise. Based on these findings, a set of preliminary guidelines to accomplish leapfrogging of sustainable building delivery in India are outlined.



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