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Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)

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Biosystems Engineering

Committee Chair/Advisor

Jayakaran, Anand D

Committee Member

Hayes , John C

Committee Member

Privette III , Charles V

Committee Member

Hitchcock , Daniel R


The Crabtree Canal located in Horry County, SC is the main conveyor of stormwater in a watershed that has undergone considerable urbanization in the last few decades. Evidence of bank instability and inchannel erosion is widely seen in the Crabtree Canal system. Principal sediment inputs are landscape sources and in-channel sources. A study was initiated to provide a working management tool to determine hydrodynamic conditions on the watershed driven by a hypothetical storm event and alternative channel configurations. The management tool comprised of a one-dimensional HEC-RAS model of the Crabtree Canal and was developed to aid the Horry County stormwater department in determining potential zones of stream instability and in evaluating alternate stream management techniques. Average velocity, hydraulic depth and shear stress were used to quantify changes in flow regime. Alternative stream management techniques included different floodplain configurations being implemented on the existing geometry of the channel. The management tool modeled average velocity, hydraulic depth, and shear stress decreasing as floodplain width increased relative to the top width of the main channel. The model also suggested that potential points of stream instability in the system were located at points of inflection in the stream bed profile and at points where the bed profile transitioned to a steeper slope.



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