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Master of Architecture (MArch)

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Architecture and Health


Allison, David

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Green , Keith

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Battisto , Dina

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Mooney , Kemp

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Bruhns , Robert

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Caban , Jose


This thesis examines how the historical development of healthcare architecture was influenced by social and cultural forces that eventually led to the contemporary thick building form, which is common today. These settings can have a negative impact upon patient and staff health, compromising the optimal medical response needed for patient healing. The hospital environment should be designed to increase day lighting, natural ventilation, and access to nature in order to contribute to the healing process, support the health of care providers, and optimize their effectiveness and efficiency.
This thesis first explores the development of hospital forms and, their impact on healthcare delivery and patient health. These hospital building forms were then evaluated against the needs of the modern healthcare environment, and used to better understand how to create more effective building form to promote health and healing today. This thesis proposes that through the review of historic healthcare building forms that provide better access to natural light and air, contemporary hospital building forms can be derived that will lead the way for healthier hospital design.

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