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Master of Science (MS)

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Applied Sociology


Witte, James C.


This research seeks to understand how knowledge, access, and utilization of health care resources are obtained by residents in one South Carolina upstate county. In particular, whites and minorities living in rural parts of Anderson County are studied in an effort to address issues of barriers that obstruct the ability to obtain knowledge, access, and utilization of health care resources. A primary objective of this research is to determine whether or not knowledge of health care resources is a result of previously using them. In other words, are individuals knowledgeable about available health care resources before they become ill? It is hopeful that these findings will provide insight into residents' awareness of local health care facilities, as well as, stress the importance of seeking timely health care resources to provide the best care possible, not only for emergencies or morbidity, but also for using as preventative methods of maintaining good health.

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