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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)

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Visual Arts

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Cross, Sydney

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Hung , Christina

Committee Member

McDonald , Todd

Committee Member

Wrangle , Anderson


In my work, I create an imaginative realm as a means to structure chaos. This fictional realm is a place to manifest my perceptions of the world. In alignment with my world view, the pieces exhibit multi-faceted sprays of information meant to explain a more rounded picture of reality. Mental clutter becomes visual clutter when realized in my prints. Recognizable objects, animals, foods, herbs, and written text are layered to form compositions that function abstractly at a distance. A closer inspection reveals identifiable forms within the layers of color and shape.
Haphazard imagery receives the same attention and support as more purposeful symbols. This is a method to reevaluate tragedy and accept it as a learning experience and a cohesive part of a full life. In equalizing benign, profound and tragic symbols in my work I construct a mystical order.
These pieces are an endeavor in personal investigation but they also offer an invitation for the viewer to understand the work. Even if the audience is not made conscious of the specific personal experiences that fuel the symbols, it is still possible to view the work as an exercise in mystical understanding. In relying on familiar forms the viewer may also bring their own experiences to the interpretation of the work.

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Fine Arts Commons



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