Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)

Legacy Department

Materials Science and Engineering

Committee Chair/Advisor

Lee, Burtrand I


Barium Titanate was the first developed ferroelectric ceramic material and even today it is widely used. It is also a well-known material used for capacitors. The only reason behind a wide range of applications is that barium titanate boasts of high dielectric properties. A phase transition from cubic to tetragonal at normal working temperatures provides enhanced dielectric properties in this electronic material. For any application and design, the most inquired property is the dielectric constant. Predicting the dielectric constant is very much required as it is the pre-requisite. This is the major objective of the present work. To estimate the quality of a synthesized powder relative to an already existing commercial powder, a method has been introduced to characterize the powder for dielectric constant which is completely reliable and reproducible. This system not only works in the determination of dielectric constant of ceramic particles but also for multiphase composites. The characterization method developed is further used to check the effect of lattice OH group on the dielectric properties of barium titanate.



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