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Master of Science (MS)

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Morse, John C

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English , William R

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Adler , Peter H

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Hill , Hoke S


Land use and development in South Carolina has greatly increased in the last 50 years. This study focused on land cover change in Northern Pickens County and changes in caddisfly populations at three sites in three sub-watersheds in the South Saluda River watershed. I collected caddisflies from March 31 to October 20 in 2005 and 2006 and compared them to collections performed at the same sites in the same manner in 1969 by John C. Morse for his Master's thesis. I used a geographic information system to assess the land cover change over this thirty-seven year period and correlated the land cover change with change in caddisfly populations. I did not detect any significant differences in the Bray-Curtis dissimilarity coefficients but did detect significant differences in the feeding strategies, habitat selection measures and tolerance values of the caddisflies collected, which suggest there have been perturbations of the stream system at two of the three sites studied.

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