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Master of Arts (MA)

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Morris, Keith

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Bennett , Alma

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Day , Frank


ABSTRACT Five short pieces of fiction comprise this creative thesis, which has been submitted in partial fulfillment for the degree Master of Arts in English literature. Themes explored in the works include various forms of human miscommunication, from the failure of language to convey meaning to the effects of fractured familial relationships. To achieve these ends, I employ several aspects of literary minimalism, including economy, simple diction, clear syntax, and omission. I discuss the influences, both real and literary, which inform these stories and how my work, in turn, fits into this literary tradition. In keeping consistent with these themes and influences, the majority of the stories in this collection have ambiguous conclusions. To me, this reflects real-life experience. Ultimately, it is up to the individual reader to decide what he or she feels the characters take away from their own stories.