Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts (MFA)



Committee Chair/Advisor

Todd McDonald

Committee Member

David Detrich

Committee Member

Beth Lauritis


My thesis, Material World, delves into the use of the crochet unit as a construction technique for building forms. Through this, I aim to organize different materials in a way that responds to the challenges posed by the physical world. My artistic process is centered around honoring the inherent qualities of thread and uses these qualities to create form, lightness, and linearity. At the same time, I remain receptive to transformative processes such as combining three-dimensional (3D) printed lines and lace stiffener to push the boundaries of what thread can do. By combining manual craftsmanship with technology materialized as a plastic filament (PLA) and epoxy resin, I can effectively expand my handwork in conversation with mechanized production.

Throughout the process of developing the work, I discovered how an individual unit, which can be seen as a simplified version of a larger form; and can be quite complex. Through this body of work, I aim to showcase the beauty and complexity achieved through simple shapes, forms, and colors. I actively demonstrate that things are not always as they seem by accentuating the materials’ shadows, utilizing my hand to create variations of pure forms, and highlighting the limitations of primary color theory. This exhibition meshes 3D printing and handwork as a way of navigating the complex landscape between hand and machine.



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