Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Graphic Communications

Committee Chair/Advisor

Carl Blue

Committee Member

Duncan Darby

Committee Member

Carl Blue

Committee Member

Eric Weisenmiller


In the constantly evolving landscape of the printing industry, the adoption rate of various technologies remains uneven, notably in digital printing. Although having existed for decades and increasingly matching the capacities of Flexography, label manufacturers have adopted digital printing within label manufacturing domains. This thesis delves deep into the history and operational mechanisms of Flexography and digital printing, shedding light on their innovative trends. By juxtaposing the capabilities of both methods through actual printed samples and comparing costs, we strive to discern the underlying reasons for companies either embracing or refraining from transitioning to digital printing. In conclusion, the research will provide insights into forthcoming industry trends, printing in developing nations, and the integration of printing techniques by packaging firms, providing a comprehensive overview of the industry’s trajectory.



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