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Master of Construction Science and Management (MCSM)


Construction Science and Management

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Dr. Joseph Michael Burgett

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Dr. Jason Lucas

Committee Member

Dr. Ehsan Mousavi


The technology of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) is growing rapidly in many fields and has become one of the skills in demand in the industry. Universities are one of the primary sources of teaching drone technology with a career-oriented approach. The goal of this study is to investigate the content of the drone curriculum being taught in Associated Schools of Construction (ASC) schools. This includes the topics covered, practical training offered, and the key deliverables taught. This information serves as a foundation for the schools that are looking forward to start drone courses in their department. The research found that there are only 50% ASC schools that teach any drone course in one of their departments. The analysis of syllabi collected from the Universities offering a UAS course show that Part 107, flight training, photogrammetry, and data collection are the common topics being offered which resonate with the curriculum in the schools of the FAA CTI group. The interviews with universities with well-developed courses mentioned that the UAS course needs a champion and the curriculum can be created from a wide range of resources. Part 107 is one of the primary topics covered by the universities with a focus on at least one deliverable aimed toward a career path. The local regulations, waivers, weather conditions, and privacy concerns should be made well aware to the students. Starting the course small with a basic budget is the most vocal advice by the faculty. Funding and administrational support are mentioned to be the predominant barriers to the implementation of the course and the new faculty should work closely towards addressing them.



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