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Master of Construction Science and Management (MCSM)


Construction Science and Management

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Dr. Ehsan Mousavi

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Dr. Andrew Metcalf

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Dr. Vivek Sharma


The outbreak of COVID-19 presented an unparalleled risk to public health, leading to urgent scientific efforts in understanding transmission mechanisms and mitigating risks, especially in healthcare settings. This mixed-methods study examines knowledge advancement regarding indoor air quality in healthcare facilities during the pandemic. A systematic literature review of 163 post-COVID studies identifies key research thrusts and 31 recommendations related to building ventilation, air filtration, surface disinfection, and monitoring. Comparison with over 200 pre-pandemic publications reveals both reliance on established infection control principles and unique contributions, such as detecting viral RNA in air and surface samples indicating potential airborne and fomite transmission routes. Additionally, 11 studies are recognized for their novelty and significance through qualitative analysis. Reference network analysis identifies pivotal papers based on centrality metrics, with 5 out of 11 significant papers converging between systematic review and network analysis. Partial convergence between qualitative and quantitative approaches is observed, with discrepancies arising from evaluation criteria differences. Combining subjective qualitative inquiry with objective network analytics provides critical insights into knowledge advancement and scientific communications during extreme crises. The pandemic necessitated rapid mobilization of existing knowledge alongside the cultivation of new evidence to understand the novel SARS-CoV-2 threat. This research suggests that extreme events can accelerate science, but evidence-based rigor remains essential alongside swift action.

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