Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Civil Engineering (MCE)


Civil Engineering

Committee Chair/Advisor

Dr. Weichiang Pang

Committee Member

Dr. Michael Stoner

Committee Member

Dr. Brandon Ross


Rising popularity in mass timber construction for residential and commercial projects has escalated the need to develop and increase understanding of mass timber products both from a strength and serviceability perspective. For cross-laminated timber (CLT) there is a significant lack of research on the creep characteristics also known as long-term deflection behavior. Creep is particularly important for products such as CLT that are used for floors with longer spans. Full-scale creep testing was conducted using 5-ply CLT panels over the course of 6 months in a controlled environment under dry service condition. Testing resulted in average final deflections 1.73 times the initial elastic deflections. This data was fitted to a power model to provide an accurate estimation of a creep factor for CLT products used in designs under the NDS. Current models show an average increase in deflection of 1.95 times the initial instantaneous deflections after 2.5 years supporting a 2.0 creep factor (Kcr) for the prediction of long-term deflections in the design of CLT members according to the National Design Specification for Wood Construction.



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