Yi LiFollow

Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Electrical and Computer Engineering

Committee Chair/Advisor

Zheyu Zhang

Committee Member

Christopher Edrington

Committee Member

Shuangshuang Jin


Power electronics are heavily involved in power and energy systems in plenty of applications nowadays. The increase of demand brings more challenges into simulations for development. Considering the complexity of the systems and high frequency operational conditions, this paper presents comprehensive research on modeling, simulating, and validation on ground vehicle propulsion system applications.

To reduce the computational burden, the Power Electronics Building Blocks concept is utilized to simplify the structure of modeling under different conversion scenarios in ground vehicle systems. In addition, the Average and Switching versions models are included. To speedup the simulation, the engagement of advanced computing technique in simulations are introduced to realize faster-than-real-time simulations. By the comparison between widely used slower-than-real-time simulations in academy and faster-than-real-time simulation with advanced computational technology, the improvements are presented. Other than engaging advanced technique, this paper proposed an advanced model method different from the Average and Switch method but the combination with the advantages of accuracy and fast simulation time. Furthermore, to verify all the modeling and simulation results proposed, a hardware design is presented, and the results validation are provided at the end.



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