Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Electrical and Computer Engineering (Holcomb Dept. of)

Committee Chair/Advisor

Prof. Liang Dong

Committee Member

Prof. John Ballato

Committee Member

Prof. Lin Zhu


Fiber lasers with high peak power, pulse energy and average power have numerous industrial applications. This project aimed to build a Master Oscillator Power Amplification fiber laser using commercial components and specialty fiber designed by Clemson University to exceed the power and energy targets of a previous Q-switched fiber laser design. The specialty fiber has a low numerical aperture of 0.028 and a unique geometric core design to minimize amplified spontaneous emission and reduce nonlinear effects in order to produce a high-peak power and high per pulse energy. The two stage, monolithic design targets 3.1 mJ per pulse, average power of 310 W, and peak power of 44 kW. Unfortunately, due to challenges we faced during the project, we were only able to build the first stage. The first stage had a pulse energy target of 12.5 µJ, an average power of 1.25 W, and a peak power of 175 W. Additionally, the design used polarization-maintaining fibers to maintain a polarization extinction ratio of ~20 dB. The completed first stage exceeded the design target with a pulse energy of 54.4 µJ, average power of 5.4 W, and a peak power of 3.7 kW with plenty room for optimizations. With the first stage completed, using only commercial components, the project is poised to meet and exceed the design targets for the second stage using the specialty fiber.



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