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Master of Science (MS)



Committee Chair/Advisor

Chad Sosolik

Committee Member

Joan Marler

Committee Member

Kasra Sardashti


The effects of ion irradiation on the physical properties of materials make EBITs an invaluable tool for many scientific and engineering fields. Many experiments rely on the use of these lab setups to test for device reliability, explore surface physics phenomena, and replicate the environment for many physical systems that are not readily accessible. We seek to extend the capabilities of these experiments using the CUEBIT and a new sample holder installed in section 3.

This thesis begins by presenting an overview of the CUEBIT and the basic operations of the equipment. This is followed by a brief explanation of surface physics effects on superconductivity to provide a background into one of the experiments that are planned to be conducted in the CUEBIT with the new equipment.

Chapter 2 will provide a description of the section 3 setup and the new sample holder that was installed, as well as, its planned uses. An explanation of beam characterization using the Faraday cup and faceplate is also provided in this chapter.

Chapter 3 shows simulated and calculated results for the setup. Examples are given of data using the niobium experiment that is described in chapter 1. An introduction to a new plotting program, SRIMP, is also given as well as initial results from the software.

The thesis concludes with preliminary data for the section 3 sample holder setup. Plots of beam current on both the Faraday cup and faceplate are given. This is all concluded by a look at two future research projects planned for section 3 and concluding remarks.



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