Date of Award


Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Applied Psychology

Committee Chair/Advisor

Marissa L. Shuffler

Committee Member

Laine Mears

Committee Member

Patrick Rosopa

Committee Member

Allison Traylor


As automation solutions in manufacturing grow more accessible, there are consistent calls to augment capabilities of humans through the use of autonomous agents, leading to human-autonomy teams (HATs). Many constructs from the human-human teaming literatures are being studied in the context of HATs, such as affective emergent states. Among these, trust has been demonstrated to play a critical role in both human teams and HATs, particularly when considering the reliability of the agent performance. However, the HAT literature fails to account for the distinction between trust and distrust. Consequently, this study investigates the effects of both trust and distrust in HATs in order to broaden the current understanding of trust dynamics in HATs and improve team functioning. Findings were inclusive, but a path forward was discussed regarding self-report and unobtrusive measures of trust and distrust in HATs.



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